Social Integrations

Along with having a great website for your game, you likely are also promoting your game on social media, and ManaKeep offers you several tools to help bring these two worlds together =)

Oauth Login

To make it easy for users to participate in your forums and comment on your news, users can login to your site using their Twitter, Twitch or Discord accounts.  This makes it really quick for users to join your community and take part in the discussion.

Get Connected

In the Editor, you have the option to add the Connect block to your site.  This block includes social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch; which you can then configure to point to your social media accounts.

These same 4 connect options are also available in the Footer at the bottom of the page, offering you a few choices for how to show this info.

News Integration

Wish you could have ManaKeep automatically post to your social media accounts when you create a News post?  You can!  

In the Content tab of your Admin Panel you will find News Integrations, where you can add your Twitter account.  Once you do, you will see new "Post to Twitter" option when writing a News post, which will automatically tweet when you publish your post.

Twitter Website Cards

By setting up the Twitter Integration above, you will also enable Twitter Website Cards for your site.  This means when someone posts a link to one of your news articles on Twitter, it will automatically include the banner image for the article and a description in the tweet!