Managing Forums

The forums are the lifeblood of most communities. And to promote some great discussions, you'll want to setup your forums around the topics that matter to your community.  And that is what this guide is here to help you do =)

The Right Layout

ManaKeep offers you three forum layouts to choose from, which will change both the appearance of your forums and how they work.
  • Discussions: Simplified view great for small to medium sized communites where the newest topics and posts are the most relevent content.
  • Classic: Your standard forum layout, which can work better for larger communities that receive a lot of posts and need more organization.
  • Categorized: Focused on categories, this layout is most useful when categories are of the most importance to your community.
You can choose the layout that works best for your community in the Site Editor.  Simply go to the forums page there and click the layout button to make your choice, then publish your changes.

Categories & Groups

To organize your forums you can create categories and category groups.  These are created in the Admin Panel, under Content -> Forums -> Categories.

If you wanted to create a category where only your team members can create topics in, for example Announcements or Patch Notes, you can do so by checking the "Only allow team members to create topics" option when editing a category in the Admin Panel.

Managing Posts & Topics

Managing your forums can be done both on the forums page as well as in the Admin Panel.  Both places offer you common forum admin tools, such as pinning and locking topics, and editing/deleting topics and posts.  If you need to move a topic to another category you can do so by editing the topic and changing the category.

And that should cover all the basics of working with the forums section =)