A Product is a version of your game that you want to sell.  Products are created in the Admin -> Sell -> Products tab, and can have the following attributes:

  • Name: the name of the product (game).
  • Type: Paid or Free.  A paid game must be purchased.
  • Price: How much the game costs.
  • On Sale: Whether the game is currently on sale.
  • Sale Price: How much the game costs while on sale.
  • Include Steam Key: Whether the game comes with a Steam Key

Product Files

Once you have created a product, you can add Files to it.  All of the files added will be available from the download page for the game, which is accessible to everyone for Free Products, or to users who purchased the game for Paid Products.

Product Files can be drag-and-drop into the order you prefer, and have the option to associate a Platform with each (Windows, Apple, Linux, or Android).  This can be useful if you offer a multi-platform game, to let your users know which files they should run.

Steam Keys

If you have specified that your Product includes a Steam Key, you can then add them from the Products Show page.  Adding Steam Keys is done by pasting in a comma separated list of keys, which you would export from Steam.

When a user purchases your game, they have the option to claim a Steam Key.  If they do, they grab the first one available,  removing it from the available list.  The claimed key can be seen by viewing the Order if you need to provide assistance to the user.

You are required to manage the available Steam Keys. If the number of available Steam Keys reaches zero, users who try to claim a key will be shown an error saying none are currently available.