Stop paying 30% transaction fees on every sale!

ManaKeep charges a 5% transaction fee (to cover bandwidth costs).  Sell your indie game through your own website and keep more money from every sale!

Sell using your own Branding

Your fans want to buy your game directly from you, on your official website.  With ManaKeep, you can be selling your game in minutes, with your own fully branded experience that happens entirely on your site!

Manage your Shop, anywhere!

Manage your shop on the go.  Your website and admin panel are mobile friendly, allowing you to track your sales, review orders, email receipts, and more from where ever you are.

Global Sales

Accept all major credit cards from every country around the world.

Free SSL Certs

We provide free SSL certificates with all ManaKeep websites.

Your Currency

Sell your game in USD, CAD, EURO, GBP and other popular currencies.

Steam Keys

Bundle Steam Keys with purchases made through your website.

Ready to sell your indie game?