We've added Mailing Lists!

We are adding a highly requested feature to ManaKeep today, your own Mailing Lists!

Your Mailing List

We have added a simplified newsletter feature to ManaKeep today, not intending to compete with something like Mailchimp on features (which is a great choice if you need more advanced options) - but a simpler option that allows users to subscribe to your list, and you to send them emails with light theming at an affordable price.


Most mailing list services price based on monthly subscriber counts, which we don't feel is a good fit for most indie games.  So we decided to price our service solely on emails sent, at $0.25 per 1000 emails.  This works on a credits system, where you start with 1,000 credits and purchase more as needed in the Admin panel.

This makes our service very affordable compared to alternatives, and while it is a more bare-bones option, we think it will still be a good fit for most indie games =)

New Chart: Email Subscribers

A new chart has been added to the Admin Dashboard which shows your email subscribers.  It can be shown as a count, line or bar graph.

New Block: Mailing List

A new Mailing List block has been added to the Editor.  This lets users subscribe to your mailing list, and includes some text to customize.

New Block: News

A new News block has also been added to the Editor.  This lets you show your latest news posts, and has 3 layouts to choose from.

That's all for this update!  Have any feedback for us on the new Mailing List?  Let us know on Twitter =)

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