Parallax and more block customizations!

This is our first update since going live!  Thanks once again to our beta testers who helped us get here, and to our subscribers who have joined us since launch, you guys are awesome!  

For our first update we are adding new customization options you can use to further enhance your site, including really easy to add parallax =)

Parallax Effects

Parallax is where you make different background elements of your site scroll at different speeds.  It is popular with AAA game websites, and we now make it really easy to use with ManaKeep.  In headers and blocks when you set a background image there is now a Parallax toggle you can enable.  That easy =)  Want a quick preview?  We have parallax enabled in the testimonials block on our home page.

Block Backgrounds

Blocks can now have background images set on them, allowing you to create more graphical designs.  All block types can have background images.  To get started simply click the new background icon when hovering over a block in the Editor.

Block Overlays

Overlays let you add a color on top of the background.  If you choose a solid color you change the color of the block completely (for example its how we make the blue and green blocks on our home page).  If you choose a semi-transparent color, you make an effect on top of your background, which can be helpful to both enhance your image and make your text stand out =)

Block Text Colors

If you set a background image or overlay on your block, it may clash with your default text color, so you can now override the text color of the block.  This allows you to choose any text color you like for that block =)

And that's all for this update, happy customizing!

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