Page Header Updates

Today we have an update focused on adding more options and flexibility to the Header elements on your game site!

Unique Headers per Page

To make it faster to create your site, some elements on ManaKeep are shared across pages, including your main menu, footer, and prior to today, your header.  But in some cases you want different header backgrounds on different pages, so today we're making it easier =)

Now each header is unique to the page, and uploading an image to use as the background for one page will only apply to that page.

More Image Options

When you upload an image to use as your Header or Block background, we have several new options for you to set.

You can now choose how the background image is displayed (cover, actual size, repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y), and you can choose how its positioned (center, top, bottom, etc. along with parallax).

More Color Options

In ManaKeep, you have one global theme that applies colors to all the elements of your site.  You can now override some of these colors per element.

This means your header and block elements now have a BG Color and Text Color option, which you can enable to override the default theme colors.  This allows you to do things like have a purple banner on your home page, and a blue one on your news.

Header Height Options

Prior to today, your home page was a large header (600px), and your other pages all shared a smaller header (220px).  And your home header had one option to override this (cover, which makes it 100% of the viewport height).

Now each page header has a customizable Height option, allowing you to choose between standard (220px), tall (600px), or cover (100% viewport).

That's all for this update.  We hope these changes help make customizing your game site easier and more flexible!

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