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ManaKeep provides you with a great home page and community hub for your game, but one of our main goals is to help you market your game.  Today we want to walk you through several ways to market your game using the tools ManaKeep provides.

Email Marketing

An effective marketing channels you should not overlook is Email Marketing.  Subscribers to your email list are potential customers interested in your game, the ideal target market to share content with.  So what kind of content can you share with them?  Here are a few ideas:
  • A monthly newsletter filled with the latest news, screenshots, patch notes and upcoming features for your indie game.
  • A Call to Action of interest to your users, such as a beta invite or a steam sale featuring your game.
  • A round up of community posts, reviews, fan made content and highlights from twitch streamers playing your game to build excitement.
ManaKeep makes email marketing easy by including a Subscribe block you can add to your site, and simple email templates to work with in your Admin Panel.  This is one marketing channel you should be sure to include when promoting your game!

Content Marketing

Creating content that is valuable attracts readers and potential customers, and your blog should be at the heart of this effort.  So what kind of content is valuable that relates to your indie game?

An easy one to get started with is: players will want to read about your game!  The development progress, upcoming features, patch notes, a new trailer; really, almost anything to do with your game.  If they want to play your game, content related to it is valuable to them and worth sharing!

But you can try and reach a broader audience as well.  Game developers will be interested in the technical details of some of the problems you solved along the way, designers will be interested in how you created certain graphics and animations, and other indie studios will be interested in how you marketed and promoted your game.  The more reach you can attain with your blog, the more interest you are also growing in your game!

Word of Mouth

For sure, one of the best feelings when trying to market your game is to see other players marketing it for you!  Word of mouth can be one of the most effective ways for your game to gain popularity, and a great way to foster this is by adding community forums to your game site.

Forums provider your users with an official place to discuss your game, and your interactions with them can be very rewarding.  Users are likely to share their feedback on the game, post reviews, and let you know what they would love to see added or changed.  This input can be great for developing your game, and involving your users makes it more likely they will spread the word about this game they are excited to play!

Think ManaKeep may be a great fit for your next indie game?  Follow us on Twitter at @manakeep and hear about our upcoming beta!

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