ManaKeep launches into Beta!

Today we are excited to announce that ManaKeep is now in beta!  This means you can create your game site, try out our features, and share some feedback as we gear up for launch!

Our main goal for beta is to gather feedback from you!  After creating your game site we would love if you share your thoughts on our forum.  A few questions we would like to hear feedback on:

  • What is your favorite thing about ManaKeep?
  • What is your least favorite thing about ManaKeep?
  • Were any features of ManaKeep confusing to use?
  • What is one thing you wish ManaKeep could do?

While we are just in beta, you are welcome to make ManaKeep the official home for your game today =)  Beta sites will carry over when we go live, and we are treating beta like a production run - full backups are done daily, and no major downtime is expected.

One quick note on the Mailing List feature.  You can gain subscribers and manage them from the Admin panel, but sending outgoing messages is disabled during beta to prevent it from being abused for spam - once we go live this feature will be enabled.

That about covers everything!  Thanks in advance for any feedback you share with us.  We hope you have as much fun using ManaKeep as we did making it! =)

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