Editor Update

We have been in beta for just over a month now, and we have received some really great feedback already (thanks to everyone who wrote in so far!).  The most common request we are seeing is for more color controls in the editor, so that is exactly what we are giving you! =)

Lets dive in!

Customize Tab

To really make sure your game site colors can match your games graphics, we have added a new Customize tab to the Editor.  Organized into fonts, buttons, backgrounds and text, the Customize tab puts you in full control over the color scheme of your site! 

Color Schemes

With this update, our themes now behave like color schemes.  You can freely switch through them and they simply update the colors; they will not affect any of your pages content, or the layout choices you have made to them =)

Covers & Overlays

Your header now has the option to add an Overlay to the background image, using an alpha-transparent color.  This can help fade your image out a bit to make the text more readable, or simply to add style to your header.  Your home page header also has a new Cover option, making it occupy the full screen size =)

Menu Layouts

Your main menu is also getting layout options with this update.  You can now choose whether you want the menu placed at the top of your header, at the bottom, or indented from the top.

Block Buttons

Both the "Text" and the "Image + Text" blocks now have the option to display a button with their content.  This button works just like the one in your header and allows you to customize its text and where it links to.

And that wraps up our first update!  Our next update will be focused on selling your game directly from your ManaKeep site, adding a Sell tab to your Admin panel where you can create products, manage orders, upload your game versions and more!

Have any thoughts to share on this update?  We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below! =)

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