Early Access is now available!

ManaKeep has entered its final stage of beta which we are calling Early Access.  For all our beta testers please read on to hear how Early Access works and how we plan to transition to live.

Live Launch on Nov 18th!

With the addition of the Shop features today, allowing you to sell your indie game through ManaKeep, we have all of our core features ready and on November 18th we will be officially going live!

Early Access

This period prior to our official launch we are calling Early Access.  ManaKeep is free to use during Early Access and all of our features are available.  You can subscribe to our paid plans during Early Access though, and if you do we are granting you a 25% discount off the price!

Beta Sites

Any beta sites that have not upgraded to a paid plan when we go live on Nov 18th will be switched over to our free 14-day trial.  This is the same trial that new sites will start on once we go live.  At the end of that trial if no plan has been chosen the site will go inactive.

We are hugely appreciative of our many beta testers over the past 4 months and certainly want you all to feel included in our launch.  If you have any concerns on our pricing, plans or our transition to launch please chat with us through email at team@manakeep.com or direct message us on twitter @manakeep.

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