Customizable Download Pages

We have another update for you this week, allowing the Download page for your Products to be customizable =)

Customizable Downloads

Your Products are now able to be customized in the Editor, and show up in the Pages tab, with a gamepad icon to help differentiate them from normal pages.

These pages will show a preview of what your users will see once they make a purchase, and show the files and optional Steam Key as a preview.  You can then customize this page, changing the text shown with it and the banner.

Want more customization options here?  Let us know what you'd like to see =)

Page Shortcuts

To make navigation between the Editor and the Admin Panel a bit easier, the News, Media, Forums and new Product pages now all have a Manage Shortcut in their popup settings in the Editor, which jumps to where you edit their content in the Admin Panel.

That's all for this update =)

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