Look Stunning

Spend your time coding your game, not your website. ManaKeep is sleek, modern and easy to customize.

Grow Your Fanbase

Create excitement around your game by posting frequent news articles, screenshots, videos and forum discussions.

Smart Analytics

Chart your progress and success with a stats dashboard designed purposefully for indie game developers.

Be a pro designer, even with no design experience

Drag and drop your best screenshots to the home page, change entire page layouts with a click, and choose from a variety of templates and colours that match your game. ManaKeep helps you create the perfect site to showcase your game!

A Unified Platform

Hosting a game site you may use a different provider for your forums, news, mailing list and stats. With ManaKeep you get a unified platform that is constantly being updated with new features and content!

Email Marketing Made Easy

Build up your email list and send newsletters with game updates and media, or offer early access for your upcoming game. ManaKeep makes email marketing easy with themes, branding and analytics baked in!

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